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This page exists to act as a repository for old and obsolete documents and downloads associated with the OpenUT project, and the Linux version of Unreal Tournament. They remain available for the sake of interest, and because some people may still find them useful. These files should be considered to be no longer supported.

Note that, because the information on this page is (by definition) out-of-date, use of the scripts, documents or other files presented here is likely to break current versions of the game. Use this information with extreme caution!!!

Shell script for quickly launching a dedicated server using ncurses-style menus
(thanks to Joseph Blough - see the script comments for information)

Shell / Perl script for quickly launching a dedicated server using ncurses-style menus. This is the second version, featuring selection of mutators (thanks to Joseph Blough). Untar, and see the script comments for information.

OpenUT FAQ version 2.2.0 by Andy Piper. This applies to versions 413 and earlier of the game.

OpenUT HOWTO by Jeremy Weatherford

SDLAudio Mini-HOWTO by Andy Piper

README from the UT 400A for Linux release

GNOME desktop file for launching UT. This will need editing for your setup.

Some nice UT icons for your desktop, in XPM or PNG format.

Replacement network library for 413/413a
The 413a patch had a faulty network libary (IpDrv.so), where download redirection did not work. In the original 413 patch, the network driver did not work at all. Download this replacement file to fix both problems.

Replacement SDLGL libraries for 428
There was a problem with the GL renderer in the 428 patch, which means that performance is below expectations.
If you use the GL renderer, you should download a replacement library.

  • TNT/TNT2 owners: SDLGLDrv428tnt.tar.gz - untar and place in your System directory. Also, add the line UseTNT=1 to the SDLGLDrv.SDLGLRenderDevice section of your UnrealTournament.ini file. For more information, read this note from Daniel Vogel of Loki.
  • Other OpenGL users: SDLGLDrv482.tar.gz - untar and place in your System directory.

OpenGL renderer with detail textures
The default SDLGL renderer does not support detail textures in versions of Linux UT up to and including 428a. This file should be installed to the System directory of your UT install.

The UnrealTournament.ini file supplied with the game does not contain the settings for the SDL drivers, music options, etc. added by the OpenUT project. You can download a complete replacement UnrealTournament.ini file here. Note that it will overwrite any existing settings!

Alternatively, cut-and-paste sections are available:

Outdated links

The information on the pages linked below is either outdated, or no longer supported by the author.

Unreal Tournament is a product of Epic Games
Linux port maintained by Loki
The OpenUT Project is hosted by SourceForge