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Unreal Tournament for Linux

The current version of Unreal Tournament for Linux is 436.
This is developed and supported by Loki, and is available for download from their website.

Note that you require a full copy of the game (i.e. the Windows version of the CD) in order to install and make use of the Linux port.

A limited source release is available from Loki's CVS repository. See the project info page for more details.

Official Updates

Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack
Epic have released a Bonus Pack for the game, featuring new maps and other goodies. Get the Linux tarball!

Inoxx Map Pack
The Inoxx Map Pack features several additional maps which were not ready in time for the full release of UT. Well worth a look - this link takes you to a non-UMOD version which can be installed easily in Linux.

Archived Patches
For those interested, Leif Sawyer is keeping older versions of the patches available from his FTP space.

Resource files

  • Shell / Perl script for quickly launching a dedicated server using ncurses-style menus. This is now the third version, featuring selection of mutators and alternative ini files
    (thanks to Joseph Blough and Michael West). Untar, and see the script comments for information.
  • Shell script to easily install new maps downloaded from the 'net
  • Shell script to link the maps from the Unreal CD for use
    with Unreal Tournament (thanks to Matt Matthews)
  • Icons for your desktop, in XPM and PNG format (external site - thanks to Derek Meister)
  • Shell script to install Unreal from the original CD so it can be played
    with Unreal Tournament (thanks to Doug Dahl & Matt Matthews)
  • ChatLogger package for Linux servers, by Jack Porter at Epic
    (thanks to MutantKiller from TheAdminPage)
  • Enhanced ChatLog package by Rene Kemp
    - see his page for more information
  • Eye candy like wallpapers and more icons, available from MeisterPlanet

Unsupported extras

Alternative GL renderer
The "nonlinear projection" GL renderer produces a trippy effect when used :-)
This is unsupported and not very widely tested (it should work on a GeForce, but expect a low framerate). Copy it to your System directory and change every occurance of SDLGLDrv.SDLGLRenderDevice to OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice in your UnrealTournament.ini file.
Note that only 640x480 is supported.

Unreal Tournament is a product of Epic Games
Linux port maintained by Loki
The OpenUT Project is hosted by SourceForge