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UnrealEd for Linux?

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Where can I get UnrealEd for Linux?
You can't...

One of the most frequently-asked questions about the Linux version of UT is whether a native version of UnrealEd / UnrealEd2 exists.

Unfortunately a Linux release is not currently available. This page exists to promote some of the alternatives - although none of them perform all of the functions of UnrealEd itself, the strength of Open Source is that you can help the authors to develop them into much more than they currently are!

A modeller in development, this should soon cope with UT models (but it does not do so at the moment... good reason to go help out!).

UMR - Unreal Media Ripper
This is a utility to rip music and sounds out of Unreal and Unreal Tournament data files.
Download and apply this patch to enable UMR 0.3 to build on non-AMD processors.

UNUMX - Unreal Media Extractor
Utility to extract music and sounds out of Unreal and Unreal Tournament data files. This has been superceded in favour of UMR (listed above).

Unreal Tournament is a product of Epic Games
Linux port maintained by Loki
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