The Linux OpenUT/Loki CVS HOW-TO, 7-NOV-2000, Second Draft, HTML Version. Maintained   by Jeffrey H. Ingber,

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This is a rough attempt at a HOW-TO for building OpenUT from Loki CVS sources.  The author assumes that the reader possesses some prior   Linux experience such as using CVS, archivers (such as tar and gzip), and compiling programs from source code.  Building OpenUT from the Loki CVS sources is preferable to building to OpenUT from the sources found on because they reflect the (more) current state of Loki UT releases.

Every effort has been made to insure that the information contained within this document is accurate as of the time of writing. I can not be held responsible for any damage, lost time, lost wages, etc. that may arise by using the information contained within this page.

Some important links:

The OpenUT project at Sourceforge:

(It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the OpenUT project and browse the mailing lists. This is the best source of information on the OpenUT project.)

Loki Games:

OpenAL OpenSource 3D audio library:

SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer):

The Linux Documentation Project:

Contacting the author:

I can be reached at I can only answer questions relating to this document itself (i.e. inaccuracies, revisions, etc.). and cannot provide support for UT or the OpenUT project, or any of the other packages mentioned in this document. All trademarks contained within are the property of their respective owners.

Before we begin:

The starting point for this procedure will require a working UT installation with the most recent patch applied (428 series).  Please visit more information.

Accelerated OpenGL or Glide support under Linux is highly recommended but not required when using the Loki CVS sources.  Please refer to the Utah-GLX/G400 HOW-TOfor XFree86 3.3.x OpenGL or the DRI HOW-TOfor XFree86 4.0.x OpenGL.  3Dfx owners should refer to  Follow the instructions for installing XFree86 with OpenGL/Glide support.  When accelerated OpenGL/Glide has been installed, continue the installation of OpenUT as outlined in this document.

Building OpenUT from Loki CVS sources will require using development versions  of SDL and OpenAL.  Please make sure you perform the procedures outlined  below to update SDL and OpenAL.  OpenUT will require the most recent versions  of these libraries.

Acquire the following tarball:


SDL Mixer Library 1.0.6:

Aquiring and building the SDL CVS image:

Make sure you are connected to the internet in the usual manner (PPP, LAN, etc.).

Change to your source directory (usually /usr/src/) and execute the following commands:

(When asked for a password, type "guest")

cvs login
cvs -z3 checkout -r devel_1_1_0 SDL

cd SDL
./; make; make install; ldconfig

Installing the SDL mixer library and libmikmod:

Change to your source directory (usually /usr/src/) and untar the SDL mixer library, and libmikmod into your source directory. Skim the READMEs.  

Build SDL mixer and libmikmod in the usual manner:

./configure; make; make install; ldconfig

Aquiring and building the OpenAL CVS image:

Change to your source directory (usually /usr/src/) and execute the following commands:

(When asked for a password, type "guest")

cvs login
cvs -z3 co openal

cd openal/linux
make; make install; ldconfig

Acquiring the OpenUT CVS image and preparing the OpenUT direcotry:

Change to your source directory (usually /usr/src/) and execute the following commands:

(When asked for a password, type "guest") 

cvs login
cvs -z3 co OpenUT

Copy the following directories form your UT installation to the OpenUT source directory:

Help, Logs, Maps, Music,, Sounds, System, Textures, and Web.

Building UT from the OpenUT CVS image:

Change to the OpenUT direcoty and make UT with:


Starting up UT:

Make sure you are in X and open and XTerm window.

Change to your OpenUT/System directory (usually /usr/src/OpenUT/System) and execute the following command:


If all went well, you'll be playing UT under linux!