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The Unreal Tournament Open Source Project
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The OpenUT Project was formed to develop libraries, executables, and tools relevant to the Unreal Tournament engine. The project focuses on improving the quality of the UT Linux port through open source development, and aims to create a community to help support and develop UT for the platform.

For rapid direct access to the project, you might like to click through to the OpenUT Project Page at SourceForge.
Alternatively, visit the CVS repository.

Current Version

The current official patch level for Linux is 436. This is maintained by Loki and is available from their website.

Latest Updates

9th January 2001
I regret to announce that as from today, this site will no longer be actively maintained. Please see this posting to the OpenUT mailing list if you require further details about the reasons.
I hope to continue to update the site on an irregular basis.
For archived news items, see the News page.

Server Administration

If you are interested in running a Linux UT server, please refer to our documentation and tools pages, and also be sure to visit the Linux section at TheAdminPage.

Supported Hardware

3dfx Glide / Voodoo: visit the 3dfx Linux drivers site for all the latest information.
nVidia TNT / GeForce: visit the nVidia site for their own XFree86 4.0 binary driver.
ATI: the Rage128 is supported by DRI in XFree86 - see our HOWTO. RagePro is not fully supported.
GLX-compatible: please see the Utah-GLX homepage.
Other: other boards without hardware acceleration are supported by the software renderer.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us about this site, you can join the one of the mailing lists on SourceForge.

Unreal Tournament is a product of Epic Games
Linux port maintained by Loki
The OpenUT Project is hosted by SourceForge