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The OpenUT project was formed to develop libraries, executables, and tools relevant to the Unreal Tournament engine. The project focuses on improving the quality of the UT Linux port through open source development, and aims to create a community to help support and develop UT for the platform.

A partial source release was initially made by Epic at the end of 1999.

The current maintainers of the Linux port are Loki, who have made another partial source release with Epic's permission. To date, this has resulted in improvements for both the Linux and Windows versions of the game (the Windows S3TC-capable OpenGL renderer came out of the Linux version). Contributions from the Open Source community are welcomed.


The code is released under the Artistic Licence.

Obtaining the source code

Loki have a CVS repository which is publically accessible, so copies of the code can be obtained from there.

Linux users may like to download the getOpenUT shell script, which will simplify the process of checking out the source. Simply download it, type ./getOpenUT in the directory where you want your copy of the code, and enter the password guest when prompted. The script will connect to Loki's CVS repository and pull out a copy of the OpenUT module.

Compiling the source code

Refer to the Building UT from Loki CVS HOWTO by Jeffrey H. Ingber (updated! 08-Nov-2000)

Unreal Tournament is a product of Epic Games
Linux port maintained by Loki
The OpenUT Project is hosted by SourceForge