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9th January 2001
I regret to announce that as from today, this site will no longer be actively maintained. Please see this posting to the OpenUT mailing list if you require further details about the reasons.
I hope to continue to update the site on an irregular basis.
8th November 2000
Linux 436 is out, rejoice, rejoice (etc). This version is not network-compatible with versions below 432, so if you want to participate in the brave new world of UT, you'd best download the patch! The dedicated server should follow soon.
Those of you interested in an alternative to UnrealEd for the Linux platform should check out our new Editors page describing some Open Source packages which are under development. Look out for GooseEgg, a new modeller which should support UT models soon.
Added the Advanced Server Startup script, along with version 3 of the ncurses-driven server startup script. We're planning to start a dedicated server area shortly, linked with TheAdminPage.
Added a new demo for benchmarking (thanks to Michail Stockfelt).
Minor updates to the DRI and Loki CVS HOWTOs. Also a few changes to the Strike Force homepage.
A great comparison of the UT Tactical Ops MOD against CounterStrike for Half-Life has been published. The latest Tac Ops (1.6) seems to work well with Linux... have you tried it yet??
Finally, on the subject of MODs, Sean Middleditch has written an excellent article on Open Source MOD development - have a read!
29th October 2000
I've finally posted the latest versions of Jeffrey H. Ingber's HOWTOs on DRI and GLX , and he's also been kind enough to document the process of building the code from Loki CVS - a big vote of thanks goes out to him!
Added the unsupported new OpenGL renderers to the downloads page. Try them out!
Server admins should check our documentation page for some new links to useful information.
So far, there has been no response to my offer of help building a Linux installer for the StrikeForce MOD, but a reminder that the OpenUT project aims to help any MOD authors who are having difficulties with Linux ports and testing. Please get in touch, or join our mailing list.
Tactical Ops 1.6 should work great with Linux (there's a Linux fix in the latest patch). I've updated the MODs page with a few new additions.
The latest on the next Linux patch is that it should appear once the Windows patches have stabilised - hopefully around the time of the 436 release.
6th October 2000
The Win32 patch 432 was released today... no news yet on the Linux release, but Daniel Vogel at Loki has said that he hopes it will not be too long.
The authors of the StrikeForce MOD have appealed for someone to help them produce a Linux installer - have a look at their news page if you feel inclined to get involved.
Added some new links, details of some additional 3rd party server tools, and updated the FAQ after a long break. Began to update the MODs page for 428a.
Those of you waiting for a dedicated server package should check out abfackeln's site for his own version - this is not supported by Epic or Loki, but should help to ease the installation hassles for server admins.
26th September 2000
Good news for server admins is that I've finally posted the second version of Joseph Blough's server startup script, which now allows the selection of mutators. The old version has been moved to the archive.
Other new files today include my own map installation script, and a script to fetch the source release from Loki's CVS server - see the new Project Information page for that one, and start hacking at the source code!
I've been talking to MutantKiller from TheAdminPage about adding to the Linux resources for server admins, so look out for some changes there in the next few days!
A new page has been put up, describing the installation of the StrikeForce MOD under Linux - it is a bit complicated at present, so this guide is very helpful indeed!
The MODs page here at the OpenUT site is out-of-date, as it still refers to the 425 patch - anyone who would like to help to update it, please get in touch.
10th September 2000
The 428a release is now available (as a small patch to 428) from Loki's site. This fixes various issues with OpenGL, a memory leak, input problems, and features some new network options to improve performance. Well worth the upgrade!
A dedicated server install should arrive with the 430 patch.
6th September 2000
There has been a new source release, based on 428 - find the CVS repository here at Loki's site. Time to start submitting your patches!
Loki are still working on 428a, as well as 430. It sounds as though the dedicated server install may now wait until 430 is released.
4th September 2000
The GL renderer issue with the 428 patch means that there are now some updates you may want to download. If you use the GL renderer, visit the Downloads page for details. Daniel Vogel's message on the subject of the TNT/TNT2 problem is available here.
(10th September - this fix has been removed now that the 428a patch is available)
Also, a patch for the keyrepeat and K6/OpenAL problems will be available shortly.
3rd September 2000
There was a problem with the GL renderer in the 428 patch, which means that performance is below expectations. If you use the GL renderer, you should download this replacement library and place it in your System directory.
Note that there is also a more serious problem with TNT/TNT2 cards, which Loki are working on right now. If you are using one of these cards, the advice is not to upgrade to 428 (yet!).
2nd September 2000
The Linux 428 patch is out! Check Loki's website for download locations. This is available as a full install, and as a patch to 425.
A dedicated server install should be available shortly.
I should be updating the site with some new scripts and refreshed links and documentation again over the next couple of days.
27th August 2000
I've joined UnrealTournament.org as one of the editorial staff! If you're not already a regular visitor, check out the site - I'll be making sure that Linux UT information gets coverage there as well as here.
We've got a new script for download! This is a quick launcher for dedicated servers - it uses an ncurses-style dialog to select the match type and map. Huge thanks to Joseph Blough for producing this.
Updated the FAQ today with some info on the Aureal sound drivers (thanks to Unleaded). The FAQ is currently still in alpha and needs more work - please help if you can!
I'm looking for an icon which other sites can display to link to OpenUT - one of those little 90x30 buttons. If you feel like designing one for us, please drop me a line.
22nd August 2000
OpenUT now carries various demos (for benchmarking) in the FTP section.
21st August 2000
The FAQ has had some minor corrections, and two new questions added. Please continue to send in any additions, information still seems to be lacking for the 425 release.
Daniel Vogel posted this information to the OpenUT list yesterday, stating that a headers release will be forthcoming when the 428 patch is ready. Good news for server admins, too: the 428 patch will also come as a dedicated server package (a 70Mb install, and the game is not required)
Finally for today, here's a pic of Linus playing UT on Linux... how cool is that :-)
6th August 2000
The site updates continue to come thick and fast...
The FAQ has been updated, but still needs a lot of work to bring it in line with the 425 release. Please send me any corrections or additions you may have (there should be lots!). The old version has been moved to the Archive.
The MODs page has had a major update, my thanks to Derek Meister who submitted a whole file of details about what works and what doesn't! Again, please keep up your submissions.
Look out for a release of some fixes from Loki in the next few days.
3rd August 2000
A major overhaul of the site has begun, in order to support the new 425 release.
The first step has been to move any files and documentation which are now obsolete to an archive page. These files are no longer supported.
The MODs page was updated with new details - please continue to send in any comments.
The downloads page has been updated to add links to the Loki product page, and reorganise the existing resources.
This weeked the FAQ should be updated to cover the new release, and remove the old information on the previous versions.
2nd August 2000
The big news is out - Loki will be developing and supporting the Linux version of Unreal Tournament, under an agreement with Epic. Read the full press release!
30th July 2000
Added a link to the HOWTO for running UT on FreeBSD to the Documentation page.
Updated the MODs page.
29th July 2000
Started MOD compatibility page - please contribute!
LinuxGames has some news updates on a couple of UT mods - and a great new look!
Added patch for UMR.
Link to ngWorldStats fix (see the 3rd party tools page for both of these).
Reinstated link to Inoxx map pack.
Updated benchmarking page.
19th July 2000
The site relaunch is going well! Thanks to all those who have sent comments and corrections.
Added the enhanced ChatLog package by Rene Kemp.
New links added to server information.
Reorganised the 3rd party tools page.
18th July 2000
In the spirit of the new design, I've made a lot of updates today:
Added Avatar's XQF patch - see the Tools page for details
Tidied up broken links left over from the site redesign
New links have been added: the LearnLots and LinuxPower tutorials, and the enhanced server install package (see the Documentation and Tools pages)
Fixed the Webalizer stats for July
12th July 2000
A slightly fresh look, and a whole load of updates! ;-)
The site has been completely reorganised. Hopefully it is still usable! There are one or two areas which I have not had an opportunity to finish updating to the new look yet, though.
New links have been added throughout the site, including to the Linux UT articles at Evil3D.net.
One new, and one updated HOWTO by Jeffrey H. Ingber - Utah-GLX and DRI... thanks!
14th May 2000
Bit of a catastrophe today - my monitor blew up! (I think it could be the tube...). So, there may be fewer updates than I'd like to make in the next week or so.
I'll continue to keep an eye on the forum and mailing lists, so I won't be gone completely! ;-)
The webalizer usage stats are missing some data for the last day or so, apparently the SourceForge server hasn't been putting the logs where it should.
11th May 2000
Added a link to the Inoxx map pack (thanks to LinuxGames)
10th May 2000
Apologies for the lack of an update in a few days. Plenty of news today!
The Inoxx map pack is out - check LinuxGames for more info.
The SDLAudio mini-HOWTO has been added - text only for now.
I have a lot of FAQ updates ready to go, they should be published any day now.
Brandon at Epic has confirmed that the 413a headers will be released after the E3 show. There should be another official patch shortly after.
4th May 2000
Updated the FAQ with various new bits of information. There is more to come over the weekend...
3rd May 2000
Got a mention in the Linux Game Tome today - thanks!
While I was there, I noticed that NaliCity has a new, Linux-friendly map reviewer - worth checking out for information on the latest and greatest maps which work with Linux UT!
1st May 2000
New release of the FAQ
If anyone would like to write articles (HOWTOs etc.) for the website - for instance, about the 413 release - please get in touch with Andy
26th April 2000
Apologies for the unscheduled downtime for several hours today. I have roasted myself over hot coals as punishment! I hope to be making some big updates in the next few days to make up for it.
Looks like we're heading for over 50,000 hits for the month of April - thanks for supporting us!
25th April 2000
Added ChatLogger package
22nd April 2000
FAQ and documentation updates
21st April 2000
Updated IpDrv library fixing issues with 413a
Major FAQ update - HTML version now available
19th April 2000
Added IpDrv library to upgrade 413 to 413a
New links
Updated FAQ
18th April 2000
The 413 patch is out, and the website is gradually catching up with the current changes...

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